Thursday, January 01, 2009


Homemade baby toys

One of Baby Savvy's favorite toys is an empty plastic Maxwell House coffee jug (taken from the coffee room at work) with a couple of plastic measuring spoons in it. It makes a great big rattle, a drum, something to roll around, and just a good toy in general. It isn't breakable, it isn't loud (it has a fairly unobtrusive sound when banged around) and it was free.

Other toys he likes are playing with the plastic spice containers in the kitchen, Mason jars of beans (these require closer supervision), and plastic measuring cups.

I came across this website awhile back that has ideas for free, safe baby toys. Great ideas for your baby (especially when the weather keeps you camped out at home), when you are traveling and forgot a toy, or if you have visiting kids and no idea what to do with them.

Babies also love looking at pictures of them, their family, or other kids and babies. Make a collage with pictures from a magazine, or a scrap book of family pictures. It will keep babies, kids, and even some adults entertained.

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