Monday, May 11, 2009


DIY sling patterns and other news!

The Savvy household is expecting another baby!!! We are super excited, a little unsure of how everything that needs to get done will get done, but really happy.

I've been going through Baby Savvy's newborn things, trying to determine what we need to replace, upgrade, or supplement with, and the good news is there is very little that we will need to buy. Using cloth diapers for the first baby will definitely pay off now because we need to purchase almost no diapers for the new baby, and most of the clothes and baby gear will be reusable because we will have another winter baby.... although if our new baby is a girl we might have to buy a few things (nothing wrong with girls in boyish or gender-neutral clothing, but we might want a few cute girly things).

One thing that I really wish I had had for Baby Savvy was a ring sling. I had a Hotsling, but found it a little uncomfortable and difficult to get the baby in an out, or keep baby secure, depending on what I was wearing. I really want to make a ring sling, and I found some great resources for those of you that would like to too.

Sling Rings are rings made especially for ring slings, sold by a family-owned business.

Free patterns offered by Sling Rings

Free illustrated pattern for making a lined ring sling from On Pins and Needles

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