Friday, October 26, 2007


Safe baby bottles?

I haven't updated here in awhile, but our little boy was born almost a month ago! He's healthy and adorable, and growing so fast!

I am breastfeeding, but I will have to switch to pumping and bottles in January when I go back to work, which means we need to start giving him a bottle now. Naively, I purchased a few bottles at Target, getting different types just in case he didn't like one or two of them.

Then I read about the BPA (bisphenol-A) problems with baby bottles in the latest issue of Mothering Magazine. I knew BPA was found in many plastic products (including Nalgene, many plastic water bottles, cups and plastic food storage, and even as a lining in some cans), and can be very bad for us, but I didn't realize that baby bottle manufactures were STILL producing bottles with plastics containing BPA. I switching from plastic water bottles to a SIGG bottle earlier this year to avoid BPA-containing bottles.

I quickly did some search online and found a website that contains a list of safe and unsafe baby bottles. The good news is that all glass, and a small number of plastic bottles ARE safe. Born Free and Medela are two manufacturers of safe plastic bottles. The bad news is that most widely-available bottles are not safe.

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