Saturday, May 03, 2008


Car seats

When I first found out I was expecting Baby Savvy, I immediately started researching baby products and attempted to determine what we needed and didn't need (let me tell you, it feels like I still learn new stuff in this area every day). Likewise, I wanted to make sure we spent money on quality products when necessary, and purchased used or inexpensive products when those products would suffice. One thing we decided was very important, and worth the extra expenditure, was a good car seat. I wanted something safe, comfortable, easy to use, and that would serve us for a long period of time. We decided on a Marathon Convertible Car Seat for Baby Savvy to use after he outgrew his infant seat.

At his six month pediatrician appointment, we discovered Baby Savvy was too long for his infant seat. So we installed the Marathon. We've loved it from the minute it was installed. It is so easy to use and well designed. Baby Savvy is comfortable, we know he is safe, and I don't feel like I'm battling his car seat every time I put him in or take him out. We are debating buying its smaller cousin, the Roundabout Convertible Car Seat, for use in our Civic. We are trying to get into a car seat rental program through the county we live in... if they have a seat that fits in the Civic we will try that first. (Note to new or expecting parents - check with your local hospitals to see if they have a car seat rental program. We found out ours does and it is an amazingly cheap $5 for six months - yes, less than $1 per month! Their seat selection is small, and stocked with very utilitarian models, but if they have one that fits our little coupe we will definitely go that route.)

I really like that both the Marathon and Roundabout will work until Baby S is ready for a booster, to me that helps justify the extra cost of these seats. Though May 31, Amazon is offering 20% off on the purchase of two Britax products (this includes accessories like covers and bases), plus their usual free Super Saver Shipping. That is an incredible deal, you will rarely find these seats on sale. I waited for three months to get 10% off at, and I believe I still paid shipping. The coupon code is BRITAX20.

An extra added bonus of the Britax seats is that additional covers in many colors and prints are available... buy a new car with different color interior? Buy a new cover to match. Permanent grape juice stain combined with ground-in goldfish? Buy a new cover. Having another baby and just want your old seat to look fresh and new? Buy a new cover. Passing your seat on to a friend or relative? Add a new cover and make it an extra nice gift!

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