Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The Story Behind Woolen Diaper Covers

Here's a link to a great story about the founder of the firm LANACare (the makers of one of my favorite wool soakers as well as the best breast pads ever IMO). It points out the many benefits of the cotton/wool diapering combo, including earlier potty training, reduction in ear infections, comfort of baby, lack of diaper rashes, breathability, no urine odor, and total baby bum cuteness (okay, I added that last part).

We've been having great success with Baby Savvy's cloth diapering. We use prefolds (and a few fitted diapers that were too cute to pass up) with wool covers almost exclusively. I'm selling the pocket diapers I purchased because we don't ever use them; although it was nice to have the option available when we brought him home since we weren't sure what was going to work best for us. We have never once had to change either our bedding or his for a diaper leak, and he makes it through the entire night without a diaper change.

My mom and I made a bunch of fitted cloth diapers for my little guy, and we made some wool covers out of old sweaters that we felted by washing in hot water. They work great, and he can wear them all night without leaking. I love that the wool lets air circulate without feeling wet.
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