Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Wowzers... cost of first prenatal exam!

I just received the insurance statement for my first prenatal exam that took place a few weeks ago... $1733!! That is a helluva lot of money for a doctor's visit, most of which fell under lab costs (and I even declined a handful of tests). I was kind of in shock when I saw it, despite the fact that we don't have to pay any of it. If that's just the cost of the first visit, I can only imagine what the next few months have in store...

You should see the statement that I got for 39 hours of labor, lots of drugs, and a C-section. Thank God I have insurance - otherwise I would've needed a lot more of those drugs!
I'm a frequent visitor to all the PF blogs, and am glad to see another one geared towards baby. My 9 month old and I will be back!
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