Thursday, February 02, 2006


First baby item!

Mr. Savvy's mom gave us a beautiful bassinet the other day, complete with all the little bassinet accessories. She bought it at a garage sale a couple years ago (yes, she has been waiting for grandchildren for awhile), and has been saving it in her basement. It is a really nice bassinet (not that I have ever even seen a bassinet in my life before this one), and I triple-checked that there were no recalls on it. It is very nice to have because it is something that we would have probably never purchased ourselves, but I'm pretty sure we will use a lot in the first month or two after the baby comes home.

There were a few parts of the fabric bedding that were slightly yellowed from storage, but I was able to easily get them fresh and white with a solution of boiling water and borax powder in the sink, with a tablespoon of dishsoap. A 1-hour soak and it was all good as new!

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