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Cloth diaper comparison

I just received my first order from, and I thought I'd post some first impressions of the two types of diapers I ordered. Obviously, I have no baby to try these on yet, but I figured that I would like to see the diapers and get some feedback from experienced diaperers before ordering several hundred dollars worth.

I purchased 3 used Fuzzi Bunz in aqua, periwinkle, and sage green.

Fuzzi Bunz Pros:
Fuzzi Bunz Cons:
I also purchased 3 new bumGenius! dipes in white.

bumGenius! Pros:
bumGenius! Cons:
That's my summary for now. I plan to ask Mr. Savvy's mom what she thinks (she's in the child-care business, but hasn't been near a cloth diaper in years - let's just say that I had a difficult time convincing her that the bG! was a cloth diaper when I showed her a picture).

Having cloth-diapered for 2 years now, I thought I would give you my 2 cents' worth.

At the outset, I bought numerous different types to evaluate and evenutally went with Kushies. I never regretted that decision. Velcro is definitely the way to go over snaps because it is so much more adjustable. In my view, one-size diapers are a nice concept but don't work out very well practically. I bought infant size (10-22#) Kushies and toddler size (22#+). I used disposies until my daughter fit into the infant size because I couldn't justify buying a size that she might or might not have ever fit in to for a few weeks.

I bought every single one of my diapers on ebay. Most were used; some were not. I ended up spending just over $700 for all my dipes and I had enough of the infant size where I was only doing a load every 5-6 days (that's a lot of diapers when you consider that you change about every 2-3 hours at that stage).

I didn't care for the pocket dipes like FuzziBunz - too much work in my opinion! I bought Gerber washeable liners and really liked those and the nasty poop goes straight into the trash. I never hand-rinsed my diapers and a few hours in the sun took care of the few stains I got.

I wish you the best of luck in your cloth diapering endeavor and in your pregnancy.
Another thing to think about with snaps vs. velcro is when the baby is older (ie early/late toddler), velcro is A LOT easier for the baby to undo himself. This can cause a lot of mess and frustration. The FuzziBunz snaps are generally harder for little fingers to undo.

Also, the one-size diapers don't always work well for the smallest/largest sizes or for babies of certain shapes. Each diaper style is probably best suited for a different shape/size baby, and the type of wetter you have can make one diaper your favorite.

I suggest getting a few of each to try out and then once you have a better idea of what you like/what works best, you can stock up on that particular version ;)
i posted on the cd site you sent this to. You do not need to spend more than $500 for Cding a child through potty training. The brand I mentioned on the other page's comment are well established, have excellent customer service and are dye-able if you want colors. Motherease is the brand I have used for over 2 years and have LOVED. Homemade fleece liners do great for reducing staining and easing cleanup - the ME site has a discussion board and this is talked about. Congrats on choosing to CD!
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