Thursday, January 12, 2006


Today I will find out my due date!

I have my first ultrasound today, and will finally know my due date! I think that will make this all seem more real. Ever since I first found out I was pregnant, I have hardly been able to believe it. If it wasn't for the sore boobs, I would probably forget.

About four weeks ago, I started feeling weird. Not myself. I kept having this voice in the back of my head telling me I was pregnant. After a week of this, I decided to banish the voice by taking a pregnancy test, one that i was sure would be negative. I went to the Dollar Store (ever the cheapskate), bought a $4 test and took it at home. I saw the positive results and thought for sure I'd messed up the test. I even remember thinking I should call the customer service number and get my $4 back.

I went back to the Dollar Store, bought another $4 test, and the clerk let me take it in the rest room. The men's rest room. The women's loo was out of commission. It too was positive. I bought one more test for the following morning. I'm sure the clerk thought I was insane.

I took my third test the next morning before work and even TOOK A PICTURE OF THE RESULTS. I still couldn't believe my eyes. It too was positive.

I called my doc, and they scheduled a blood test for two weeks out. TWO WEEKS! I said no way, and just drove over to the clinic after work. I waited about an hour for someone in the lab to have a few free minutes to draw my blood, and then went home and waited for my results. The next day I received a call that said the blood test was positive, and I was likely four-five weeks pregnant.

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