Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Reading my first pregnancy books...

I just got my first two pregnancy books from the library. The first is the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. I am really enjoying this book as it goes into much more detail on nutrition, fitness, and weight (I've only read the first couple of chapters) than most websites. I feel like I know why I should do/avoid certain things and I'm better prepared to make healthy decisions. I will probably purchase a copy of this book for myself.

The second book is Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs. A fun and entertaining pregnancy book, and a very light read. This one I will probably be content with giving back to the library once I'm through.

Belly Laughs is AWESOME! I read that a couple of months ago and have even had entire blog posts on certain chapters. She's hilarious!
State Farm Insurance was running a promotion last year where they would send you a copy of the book for free if you met with an agent - regardless of whether you later became a customer!

I've heard from my co-workers that they're also offering the AAP's "Caring for your Baby From Birth to Age 5."

Might be worth checking out.

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