Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Disposable vs. Cloth

Here's a link from NaturalFamilyOnline that talks about some of the many benefits of cloth diapers versus disposables. Some of them where things I knew (cloth diapers are more cost-effective and much better for the environment), but some of the things they point out are new to me (cloth diapers aid in breastfeeding and disposable diapers can be dangerous to babies).

I've been strongly considering reusable diapers, specifically some all-in-ones that look both convenient and comfy. The start-up costs are high, anywhere from $250 to $1,000, but NaturalFamilyOnline lists the costs of disposables as $2,694.54 for the diapering-life of a baby. I think that number is pretty accurate, as I've seen other figures that were quite a few years old that were close to that amount. The benefit of reusables is that I would have them to use for a second or third child as well, which would save us even more money. See the article for a break-down of the costs of disposables.

I am currently researching the different types of reusable diapers to see if there are one or two types that fit our needs and budgets. I plan to write about what I learn in the coming months.

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